HealingTouch, is my attempt to create the first ever website for Canine Physical Therapy (dog physiotherapy) in India. It is all about promoting the field of Animal Physiotherapy, that will give an insight about the wonderful healing powers of Physiotherapy-all in all combined together with Hydrotherapy, Exercise Therapy and Electro Therapy,etc for Canines, and in some cases other animals too!



    Your first question would be- does this work? Well,Yes It absolutely works. Just like humans need Physiotherapy,Animals need it too. In cases where animals are unable to use the healing power of nature, to get back on their paws, we can do our bit to help them with it.



    With this only motive in my mind, I have gone further in the realms of the world of Physiotherapy, to be able to offer my services to Animals along with humans. Thus,to balance the miracle of nature for Animals to live in harmony with Humans! Afterall It is our responsibility to take care of them!! 

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